Stay Informed: New Strain of Canine Influenza

A canine influenza outbreak has sickened many dogs in the Midwest. It is a strain of influenza that has not been seen in the United States but originated in Asia. If cases should begin to occur here in the Northeast it is recommended that the existing canine flu vaccine be given to dogs, 12 weeks or older, even though the new strain of flu is different. The rationale for this advice is that vaccinating is not likely to be harmful and it may be protective. This new canine flu appears to be more virulent, and it may be transferable to cats as well. Canine Influenza has symptoms similar to the human flu: upper respiratory distress, nasal discharge, lack of appetite, fever, persistent cough (lasting more than several days), rapid breathing, and lethargy. Unlike the human flu it does not occur seasonally, but rather can occur at anytime. If an owner observes these symptoms in their pet, the pet should be examined by a veterinarian, especially if the pet comes from the Midwest or has visited in the Midwest. If the flu does spread eastward, places to avoid would be: dog parks, boarding facilities, grooming shops, doggy day care facilities and any other places where groups of dogs would be in close proximity to each other.

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